"Very very few people can pull off IDLES’ signature vitriol, or HMLTD’s glam romp, and combine it with a chaos all their own, but Erotic Secrets… do that very well indeed. 

Gloriously, in fact."

                                    - Soundsphere magaziine

Erotic Secrets of Pompeii are

an apocalyptic lounge act from Bristol, UK,

playing transgressive art punk while

redefining the lines between music,

self-exorcism, and surrealist menswear.

                 The band is comprised of:

                 1x Thomas Hawtin (tonsils & pelvis), 
                 1x Tom Hackwell (textures & penumbra),

                 1x Sean Jones (string theory), 

                 1x Julian Port (bottom end),

                 1x Alex Auld (shamanic wallop pots).

                                   Winding post-punk and experimental rock

                                    together like two ends of a fraying rope,

                                    Erotic Secrets of Pompeii's songs ring

                                                                                                        with disparate

                                    elements - from industrial to world music.

                                    The vocals descend from baritone drawl to

                                    manic yelp as erratically as the music pivots

                                    from catchy groove-based euphony to discord

                                                                                                             and angulation.

                                                                        ESOP’s songs are inhabited by grotesque characters

                                                                        and are charged with unsettling Lynchian imagery,

                                                                        they drip with symbols and slogans,

                                                                        holding a mirror up to both society and the self.

                                                                        Their spirited live performances incorporate

                                                                        Old Testament fervour and man's earthy appetites.

The band’s debut album ‘Witness in the House of Pox’

served up an unhinged sonic squall incorporating

funk, Germanic cabaret, and even breakbeat,

while exploring the transgressions of authority figures,

the dangers of masculinity, and the decomposition of the self.

                                               In 2020 the band has seen a dramatic line-up change,

                                               and with that a vibrant new energy has been injected

                                               into their upcoming single releases.

"Erotic Secrets... have managed to create some of the most chaotic, disconcerting, fun and positively

danceable music of the year."

                                             - Independent Music News

"Deliciously disturbing..."

                         - Fresh On The Net

"Like Gary Numan in a horror-filled nightmare jamming with Tom Waits and Franz Ferdinand."

                     - Trust-The-Doc

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