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"Album of the week, album of the year and possibly the decade and indisputably, Mondo Maleficum is monumental, magnificent and a masterpiece."

- Louder Than War

"Through encouraging others to accept their weird and wonderful uniqueness with Mondo Maleficum, the album and Erotic Secrets of Pompeii are a paragon of artistic and creative excellence and musical perfection."

- Amplify The Noise

"I can confidently predict that this will be one of the most unusual and unique albums I’ll hear in 2024."

- The Punk Site


Italian for ‘world’, used as a short-hand for Mondo films - a subgenre of exploitation films usually depicting sensational topics (e.g. Mondo Cane, Mondo Bizarro)


Something very striking or remarkable.
Very large or great in amount or number.


Latin: ‘of black magic’, ‘nefarious’, ‘noxious’, ‘wicked’ etc.

Welcome to a world where everything frays at the seams and burns forever madly, a world beneath the ashes of which, love and imagination blossom uncontrollably.

Crows flood the sky in their thousands, botflies are blotting out the sun, men are turning into crocodiles. Welcome to the world of MONDO MALEFICUM - the debut album from Erotic Secrets of Pompeii.

Released on 25th Jan 2024, and available on all digital streaming platforms + translucent blood-red vinyl, MONDO MALEFICUM is an album of agitated art-rock death-trip soliloquies, where ESOP flaunt their diabolical pageantry while conjuring up gratuitous myths. Behold a new age of revelations where the secret to survival is to embrace your true authentic self, to accept death and be reborn in a weird, beautiful image of YOU.

Consume these ten hellish fruits and be changed forever! 

Released January 25, 2024

Thomas Hawti
n - vocals, lyrics
Tom Hackwell - guitar, Moog synthesiser, backing vocals
Julian Port - bass, backing vocals
Sean Jones - guitar
Jake Cheesman - drums

Produced and mixed by Tom Hackwell

Recorded at Humm Studio


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